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2009-02-12 07:39:33


Mumbai is wounded and grievously, mind you. No more is the spirit of Mumbai, where life is still undone. Probably the first of it’s kind in history, but not the last indeed. We cannot flee it; but yeah the ground reality is such that- our justice system is crippled, law and order is non-existent and the government is lying in the ICU of ‘intelligence failure’.

The grief, the pain is still fresh as an unhealed wound- that will strike you again and again until you are rendered helpless. Months on we are back to our old business, quite a fitting reply to a man who shot your parents, brother, sister alike- as if they were nothing but vermin.

people are now wary of this business challo now- candle light vigil & protest ho gaya ok now let’s go home. I’m not criticizing here- we have to get normal(like we have a choice) but a forgive and forget attitude nahin chalega. It goes without saying that the world will never be the same again, nor will we be.

The plague of terrorism is severe, that we cannot slumber away the moment of change any longer. Our neighbours have long since tested our patience, our own politicians more so. It may happen again, and will unless we buck up and stand up for our own self, our existence.

Terrorism will continue to raise it’s ugly head, time and again, as much as ram gopal verma will continue to torment us with his movies and ‘taj visits’. We ask for solutions not realizing that both the problem and solution lie within us. We Indians have a long standing habit of creating hype over current matters then brushing them under the carpet. We must stall the growth of terrorism, cut away those parts that threaten to affect the health of the rest. It’s not the question of ‘why’ but how do we tackle this menace. We have condemned the attacks et al, but this time around no Indian is going to get their lives snapped by the cords of inhuman savagery on the part of a few handful men. Period.

The perverts who did this massacre must be eliminated; provide an example that as a great civilization of this land, we will defend our common brethren, whatever it takes and quickly before it’s too late. the time has come to take a united stand and for once not let down the hopes of the teary-eyed mothers who lost her brave son and the common man, so that you could stay alive…..

Now, time for some action! First things first go & vote, not satisfied? Stand for elections. As naseeruddin shah puts it very correctly in a Wednesday, “there is no harm in cleaning the insect infestation in your house is it?”

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