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TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019
Girl, if you and I
Were octopi…
No, if we were colossal squids,
I’d take you dancing, to the deepest depths of the ocean
And when we’d be alone,
I’d hold all eight of your hands,
Look into your beautiful, 25 centimeter-in-diameter eyes and say,
“Girl, I just want to tell you…

And if you don’t like calamari,
You and me…
If you were a seahorse…and I was a seahorse…
And we had intercourse,
I wouldn’t even mind going into labour and giving birth to our…”seacolts”!

‘Cause honey -
I’d stick closer to you than sea lice on farmed fish,
Consuming you piece by piece,
with whatever you’d shed off for me.
And if you’re allergic to seafood analogies,
I’d be your tapeworm, and you could be my intestinal tract
And you’d know we’d be together forever!

I’d be your hermaphroditic snail,
So even if I didn’t need you…
You know what?
I’d still want to need you, like a colony needs a queen needs a slave, and if I was yours…
I’d wait patiently until I was the 1-in-ten-thousandth
Rare, two-headed snake
And although my head might not like my other head,
We’d agree to give you twice the love.

If you were a naked mole rat,
You’d be ugly and naked…
…Ugly and naked…
Ugly, but naked
Because you’d be underground in a burrow,
And I’d never see you.
And you’d never see me, ‘cause you’d be half-blind anyway.
But I’d love you even if there was no point in doing so.

What I’m trying to say is…
If you were dirt, I’d be your earthworm.
No, - I’m not saying you’re dirt…well, maybe I am;
But there would be so much of you to love,
That I’d need all ten of my hearts…

But I only have one.

And as my synapses fire at a million times a second in my brain

Setting my hormones into flames through arteries and veins,

The little man in my chest plays my heart like a squeezebox,

Speeding up my waltz of life to three-sixteenth time

Until all that’s left is the moisture on my palms and my heartbeat
in an infinite loop, spinning faster and higher into the only thing keeping me alive, in this world where those 3 words don’t mean enough and sound much less…

So next time you see me pretending to sleep at the back of the bus, just flash me…a smile.



2008-11-20 22:37:03

REPLIES: genius_advice



2008-11-24 11:25:35

Replying to Matty:
Thanks...sounds better performed ;)

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