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Curtains are common lucrative and decorative items installed over our windows and doors. A curtain serves a variety of purposes not just adding beauty or elegance. Curtains help in controlling the amount of sunlight entering our homes and help in the regulation of air. Curtains also act as the main barrier between outside contaminants and your home. With heavy use and dirt settlement, a curtain can become very ugly and dull. Stains, on the other hand, can compromise the appearance and durability of fabric curtains. But there can be some various hidden issues associated with dirty curtains. Self-cleaning is essential for keeping your curtains clean but any self-cleaning method will not affect these hidden risks. Professional curtain cleaning services can be hired to address these issues. What are these hidden risks and problems associated with dirty curtains? Keep reading below to know about these issues.

Hidden Risks Associated With Dirty Curtains
Allergens, Pollens And Dust
With long use and time, a curtain can trap a lot of allergens for the air outside and inside. When your windows are open for long intervals many allergens will get trapped in the fabric curtains. Common allergens like pollen, dust and heavy pollutants will get entrapped in the fabric of curtains. Also, your hair, dead skin cells and dirt from inside your homes will be present in the dirty curtain. So any exposure to these allergens present in the curtain can cause allergies. The air inside your rooms will get loaded with pollen and dust thus causing you to suffer breathing issues and lung ailments. Hire professionals to make sure that your curtains are clean and allergen-free.

Germs and Pathogens
Dirty curtains can also harbour many dangerous germs and pathogens. Stains can promote the growth of germs. So any clean and tidy looking curtain may not be as hygienic as you think. Curtain sanitisation is an important aspect of curtain cleaning. Professionals can use a variety of products and disinfectants to get rid of pathogens and germs. Its highly suggested that you rely only on professional curtain cleaners for the eradication of these harmful germs and pathogens. Ignoring curtain sanitisation will expose yourself and your family to various illnesses and infections.

Pollutants and Contaminants
A curtain is a just a fabric not a filter that can filter pollutants out of the air entering your home. Heavy suspended pollutants, solid pollutants and various other chemical residues can get trapped in your curtains. These pollutants will further contaminate the fresh air present inside your rooms. So by breathing in the air loaded with these pollutants can result in bronchitis, asthma and other Lunga ailments. Professionals can easily remove these pollutants and deliver a deep and effective cleaning of the curtain in no time.

Black Mould or Mildew
Dirty curtains as we all know can trap pollen and fungal spores. They are always at risk of mould infestations. Mould or mildew is a fungus that is hazardous for human health. Mould will appear as a thick black layer over the curtain. Mould can be treated only by professionals. Self-treatment for mould is ineffective as it can reappear. Professionals will use various commercial antifungal products to treat the mould and deliver the best curtain mould removal service. Curtain steam cleaning or curtain dry cleaning can also provide complete removal of mould in no time.

Hiring Professionals
Our company is a renowned name in town that delivers all kinds of curtain cleaning services. we have a highly skilled and trained staff of professional cleaners. Equipped with all the latest tools and equipment, we can deliver the best curtain cleaning service for you in no time. We rely on all kinds of commercial and natural products for complete sanitisation and effective cleaning of any curtain. All of our professional Curtain Cleaning in Adelaide are available for you at low and reasonable costs.

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