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Cockroaches unwillingly stay with you at your home and give rise to various diseases. They have a tendency to spread disease through your food place. There are several characteristics that make it more dangerous:

They can easily intervene in your food place and food storage

They reproduce at a faster rate

They are fast movers and cannot be killed manually.

They can easily adapt to the changing environment and can survive easily anywhere.

This is a pest that has shown its existence prior to Dinosaurs and obviously, they have already survived in such an adverse climate that even dinosaurs could not tolerate and got extinct. But this stubborn pest is still alive and affecting human life in many ways.

In order to control it, you just have to be aware of how it manages to survive in such extreme adverse climate conditions as well as why it is a unique kind of pests. Also, it should be known that why it is a tedious job to control its population.

You must have to know about cockroaches in some ways:

It adapts changes quickly

As discussed above, these are surviving for a long time and have a tendency to survive any kind of situation. In fact, there are some cockroaches that can live in a freezing cold environment as well.

In fact, if you cut the head of a cockroach, then still it can manage to sustain for a week. The reason behind this is that it has an open circulatory system. There are no veins and their organs are spaced within the body cavity and that’s why it doesn’t bleed after any wound.

It is fast as lightning

You may have noticed that whenever you enter into your kitchen and turn the lights on at midnight then there are lots of cockroaches and suddenly they run fast and hide in seconds. These are so fat in speed that you cannot hit them with anything because they are faster than you.

Actually, they have the ability to sense the current in air and this sense helps them to identify any threat in the air which is coming towards them. A study on cockroaches has proved that they can run in 8 milliseconds from the time they suspect a threat in the air. They can reach speeds of 80 centimeters per second and have the ability to change directions in a blink of an eye.

Fast breeding capability

A female cockroach gives eggs which are embedded in a capsule which is made by her own.
One such capsule contains 6-40 eggs and a female cockroach is able to give thousands of such capsules during her lifespan. A report reveals that female cockroach can give almost 30000 babies in one year only. Also, a cockroach can be adult in 6 weeks to a couple of years.

Their flexible eating habits

As described earlier, it is a true resilient in nature because it is a real scavenger and simultaneously it is omnivores. Additionally, it is attracted to sweet dishes and it is clear that it can eat a variety of foods.

They can also live without food for about a month and can live without water for two weeks. This is the most effective reason why it can survive in a worse condition as well. Moreover, it often can eat some substances such as glue, soaps, leather, etc.

Smaller size

Since they are very small in size, that’s why they can hide even in a small crack in-wall or under the sink. So whenever you confront this pest at midnight they will hide anywhere before you will take any action against them. Generally, cockroaches can appear in 5/8 to 2 inches in sizes.

These points can only help you to imagine why it is so important to get rid of roaches at home. It can give birth to too many diseases and allergic reactions as well. It can make the condition worse for an asthma patient. You can avoid the running of cockroaches inside your home through some sanitation and good habits since they are roaming in your home for shelter and food that’s why you can eliminate by keeping some points in mind:

Don’t leave any kind of foodstuff open

Use airtight containers for storing food and food materials such as rice, flours, cereals, etc.

Keep your sink and counter tops clean. Don’t leave a single grain and any kind of food crumbs in your sink.

Make sure that your food and water sources are sealed perfectly.

Dispose your garbage regularly and make sure that dustbins are clean as well which is using being inside your home.

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