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Sofas have been the spot of ultimate rest in every household. Some insomniac people have even said that they fall asleep easily on a sofa rather on a bed. It actually serves a lot of purposes than what it was made for. It is a good item to add that touch of class to the living room. It is a perfect spot for reposing in front of television. It is a spot for family gathering. We eat, sleep and drink while on it and it is the lounge of our pets and also in most households we can find heap of clothes scattered all over them. Also it is the first place that you should be looking when the TV remote goes missing.

Sofa is a part of our daily life. Given the fact that we spend a good amount of time on it, we must also be able to take high-grade care of it. It is an upholstery. That is, something that has a coat of fabric over its skeletal structure. Fabric is the best breeding spot for microbes and microbes grow in moist regions. Also, just like the way we get cavities in our teeth due to leftover food our sofa can also get infected because of spilled food.

Why Do The Sofas Smell?
The obvious and normal answer to this question would be because we and our pets spend a lot of time on it. We are hot blooded animals so we sweat a lot to keep our bodies cool. All that sweat is absorbed by the sofa fabric and thus microbes grow in that damp area. Not only sweat but they also happen to absorb body odor.
The other reason would be because of spilling food and drinks on it and not cleaning it properly. Those tiny bits of chips and drops of tea and coffee stay in it forever and thus the smell.
As the weather changes, there are chances that it somehow picks up humidity and moisture in the air and it can also contribute to the smells.
Also we must also consider the fact that the sofa is always inside the four walls so the confinement and the pressure inside the room may also have an effect on the way it smells.

What are The Steps Can Be Done to Remove Smell?

Identify the Smell: - Find out what kind of smell it is before trying to fix it.
Food: - If it smells like food then you might need to use soap or detergent to get rid of the oiliness and stain before moving on to removing the smell.
Pet litter: - If the smell is because of your pets’ litter then it might need some special care. It may have to be treated professionally because along with the smell the stain will be pretty stubborn.
Smell Due to Normal Usage: - You are more likely to encounter this type of smell even though the odds of spilling food is really high. It is also quite easy to remove with sofa foul smell removal. All it needs would be disinfectant spray or treatment with good old soap and water.

Solutions to Get Rid of Smell
Using Baking Soda: - Soda is something that is present in every home. If not you can easily find it in any grocery store nearby. Quantity of the baking soda needed would be according to the size of the sofa or couch. The baking soda powder all over the sofa. Concentrate on it and put a little bit more in areas which you feel like smells worse. Evenly distribute it all over the surface of the upholstery or fabric. Wait for an hour for the soda to work its magic. After that vacuum it off or use a dusting brush to dust it off.
Does This Work?: - method works because baking soda is made up of particles containing both acids and bases so it captures the molecules of odor and neutralizes it which will take away the smell too. Using Disinfectant or even floor and surface cleaners can be used to get rid of smell. Mix one part of the Upholstery sanitization liquid with four parts of water and dip a towel or a piece of cloth and wipe the entire surface of the sofa. Try to reach every nook and corner. Remove the Seating cushions and Sofa Deep cleaning on surface thoroughly. for it to dry completely before using it again. If possible place it in a place where there is sunlight and ventilation.
Wash and Change The Covers Regularly: - Sofas come with cushions alone. Make sure you buy a cover to put over them if didn’t come with one. You can also buy the fabric that you want and stitch the cover according to your sofa’s size. Wash the cover of the sofas and change them regularly, like once in three months. While washing use a good detergent and fabric conditioner for the good smell.
Use Alcohol: - You need is a sponge probably a light coloured one because you don’t want the color from the sponge to bleed into the sofa. Take some alcohol and spray it on to the surface of the sofa. Rub it with the sponge. Repeat it two times. Go over the entire surface thoroughly. This must help in removing discoloration due to dirt and also in removing odor.
Sunlight: - The covers are in the wash, put the cushions of the seat and backrest in the sunlight. Let them stay there for a couple of hours. This will kill the bacteria that grows in them and will also take away any odors leaving behind a fresh natural smell. Not only sofa seats and cushions, pillows and soft toys must also be put out in sunlight once in a while.

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These above measures will give you good results if followed correctly. To have a good, clean and fresh smelling sofa or couch it is best recommended to follow our Upholstery cleaning Perth. Our Professionals will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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