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Almost every household has a carpet installed to cover their floors. Carpets can come to a variety of textures, shapes, designs, colours and patterns which can boost the overall appearance of the room. Carpets not only provide us with a soft ground to walk upon but also add beauty, elegance and luxury to our interior decor. It is highly important to keep your carpets clean and well maintained.

As we know a carpet is prone to the daily accumulation of dirt, dust and debris. Chronic settlement of dirt will not only affect the appearance of the carpet but will also impact its quality and life. Stains, on the other hand, are the most common sources of damage and deterioration to the carpet. Stains can not only damage and decolourise the carpet but can also promote germ growth. So we must acknowledge that a carpet is an essential part of our home environment and ignoring the maintenance of the carpet can directly affect our health. Professional carpet cleaning services can be hired from time to time to get your carpets deeply cleaned. Ignoring the routine cleaning of the carpet will cause health issues and illnesses. In the blog, we are going to provide you with some information on the health risks associated with dirty carpets. Let's read further to know more about how dirty carpets can impact your health.

Impact On Your Health By Dirty Carpet

1. Dust, Dirt and Pollen
As we have read above that a carpet will trap a lot of dirt, dust and debris with time. Thes presence of dirt and dust will also affect indoor air quality. Dust particles will get suspended in the air you breathe and cause breathing difficulties. Also, pollen is commonly trapped in the carpet which can cause allergies and asphyxiation. Dirt and dust will further attract the growth of dust mites which can severely impact your health. Follow routine cleaning of the carpet through vacuum cleaners to get all the dust and dirt eradicated from the carpet.

2. Germs and Pathogens
Another big issue associated with dirty carpet is the growth of germs. Carpets are filled up with organic matter like hair, dead skin cells or staining debris. This organic matter will further promote the growth of germs and pathogens. The bacteria and viruses will not only compromise the hygiene of the carpet but will also impact your home environment. Germs, on the other hand, can cause severe diseases and infections to your family. It is highly suggested that you hire professional carpet cleaning services for carpet sanitisation. Carpet sanitisation is an important aspect of any carpet cleaning method. Also, treat the stains asap and follow carpet stain removal to prevent the growth of germs and pathogens.

3. Mould And Fungus
Dirty carpets are loaded with pollen and any contact with water can lead to mould formation of fungal infestation. Mould or mildew a fungus that can affect the carpet and spread throughout your home. Mould will appear as a thick black layer on the surface of the carpet and it is highly hazardous for human health. Professional carpet cleaners can deliver the best and effective Carpet Mold Removal Service to get rid of it. Various other fungal infestations can also impact your health when exposed to it. Diseases like candida or athlete's foot are very common with fungus affected carpets.

4. Parasites and Pests
It is not very common but a dirty carpet can attract many pests and parasites. If you have pets at home they can infest your carpets with fleas and ticks. Dust settlement will attract dust mites. Various other pests like bed bugs, roaches, spiders and ants can infest the dirty carpet or lay their eggs. As we know any pest or a parasite can pose many dangers to our health. So its highly advisable that you hire professional carpet cleaning services for deep and effective cleaning of the carpet from time to time and prevent those pests and parasites to inhabit your dirty carpet.

5. Pollutants and Contaminants
The air inside our homes can also harbour many pollutants and contaminants. The suspended contaminants or pollutants will settle on the surface of the carpet. Any exposure to these pollutants can cause illness. Also, various kinds of commercial cleaners or solvents that you use in carpet cleaning can contain toxic compounds. These toxic chemicals can cause further problems to your health.

Professional Assistance
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