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Nowadays, candles are getting preferred for decoration in many homes. Because they are available in many colors, smells, designs, and shapes. But unluckily using candles for decoration also lead us to deal with their wax spills. Candle wax can be spilled on your expensive and beautiful upholstery. Wax spills on upholstery are hard to deal with without the help of professional upholstery cleaning services. Experts do have a lot of techniques to remove spilled wax without any harm to your furniture. However, if you know the correct technique to remove spilled wax then it will be not so difficult.

How To Remove Wax Spills

Stuff polyethylene or a plastic bag with ice and place the plastic bag on the area where wax is spilled. Allow the wax to freeze as the first step of upholstery cleaning.

With the help of a dull knife or a spoon scrape off the frozen wax but be careful that the fabric of upholstery is not damaged or cut.

After scraping the wax you can clean the area with a raw cloth to analyze the amount of wax left on the upholstery. Then use a thin towel or paper bag to cover the remaining wax.

Keep the iron on the lowest heat settings and run it over paper bag or towel. This will melt the remaining amount of wax and will be soaked by paper bag or towel you placed on it.

Move the soaked part of the towel off the affected area and lay the clear part of the towel or paper bag on the remaining wax. Repeat the same steps until the maximum amount of wax is removed from your upholstery.

You can soak a spare cloth with rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol, then rub it over the remaining wax. But before applying directly on the main spot you can check for any side effect by testing it on a hidden part of your upholstery.

If rubbing alcohol also fails to remove spilled wax from your upholstery then you can try hydrogen peroxide as a replacement for denatured alcohol. You can pour a little e hydrogen peroxide and let it settle for 10 - 15 minutes on the wax. Then use a dry cloth to rub the area.

Now the wax spill is removed and the upholstery cleaning process is done to restore the original texture and design of the couch.

How Can We Help You?

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