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Ways To Remove Gum From Carpet

If you are having kids in your house then you have probably seen gum end ups all over your carpet. Removing gum from your carpet can be a difficult task which increasingly becomes more difficult with time. Provided below are some techniques that show you how to remove the chewing gum from your carpets. The untreated gum left on your carpet can get stepped on and can also get worked deep down into it. So it is important to remove the gum from your carpet as soon as you can. But doing this without the knowledge about precautions and procedures for carpet cleaning can damage your carpet fibers. To remove gum from your carpet, there are various techniques and methods introduced by our carpet cleaning professionals. In different situations, different methods can work better, so provided below are some methods to get rid of chewing gum of your carpet:

Freeze the Gum Out:

It is the best way to get chewing gum out of our carpet. Fill some ice in a bag and place it on the chewing gum for about 30 to 40 minutes. Once the gum is frozen, scrape out the excess amount of the gum by scraping it with a butter knife or spoon. Frozen gum makes it easy for you to break it up from the carpet. To prevent the fibers of your carpet while carpet stain removal process, you need to be more careful and cautious while scraping off the gum. Gently blot some amount of liquid soap to remove and break down the residue and to avoid the fraying carpet fibers never scrub the carpet.

Heat the Gum Out of Your Carpet:

Firstly put a clean cloth or paper sack over the gum on our carpet. Now use a hairdryer to heat and soften the gum from it. Be careful that if you overheat or melt the carpet fibers then it can also cause melt or burn marks on your carpet. This issue can also arise if you are using iron instead of a hairdryer to heat the gum. After the gum gets soft and heated up, use a cloth or sack to lift it gently. Freezing and heating combination repeatedly will work best to remove the gum from your carpets.

Use Solvents to Remove Gum From Your Carpet:

if you do not want to go for freezing or melting method, then you can use solvents to remove gum from your carpets. Many gum remover solvents for carpet cleaning are available at local departmental stores. But make sure that the solvent is safe for your carpet by applying a small amount of the carpet and brush it gently with a brush. As gum gets soften and dissolved, blot or vacuums it up with enough time and agitation. For effective results use, work gently but quickly and also clean the area with the help of clean water and cloths when the job is done.

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