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Carpet beetles, also identified by the catchy name of “woolly bears” are a destructive little pest that can cause havoc in any home with carpets. They usually originate from birds’ nests in the attic of a residence, where they find their way into the roof space, and from there, the rest of the home. Once you have an infestation of carpet beetles, it can be hard to know how to eradicate the little beasts, so read on for some helpful tips on how to get rid of carpet beetles.

What kind of damage do carpet beetles cause?

It is actually the carpet beetle larvae rather than the mature beetle that causes the damage to carpets. The larvae usually hatch in the springtime when temperatures are humid and moist. Once hatched, the larvae feed on anything and everything, including your carpets, and can cause a great deal of devastation in homes.

How to putt of carpet beetles

Sorry to say, mature carpet beetles have developed resistance to modern contact pesticides, this makes them very difficult to eradicate. Even when the area has been treated with large doses of pesticides, the carpet beetle will keep on on its merry way, happily unaffected. As a result, it can take a great deal of time and effort to successfully treat a carpet beetle trouble. But whilst modern contact insecticides are ineffective against adult carpet beetles, another ingredient commonly found in many homes is very efficient: borax.

Borax has a variety of uses around the house, including the eradication of cockroaches, ants, grain weevils, and of course, carpet beetles. Unlike many pesticides, borax has a number of big advantages. Not only is it harmless to use in the home due to low levels of toxicity for pets and humans, it will also go on working for a long time after the treatment has been effected.

Getting rid of carpet beetles using borax

Before using borax to wipe out an infestation of carpet beetles, always do a spot test on your carpets first. You might assume that no further damage can possibly be caused, but you would be wrong: borax can sometimes react deficiently with certain types of floor covering, so always test it in an unremarkable area before using it on the entire area.

Borax powder needs to be applied to the cracks along skirting boards where it will come into contact with the roaming carpet beetles. The powder forms a layer of dust that sticks to the legs of the carpet beetle. When the beetles groom their legs, they ingest a fatal dose of the poison and are dead within ten days.

How long will it take for the borax treatment to work?

The borax will kill off all adult carpet beetles within a short time, plus it will continue to work on any hatching carpet beetles as long as the treated area remains dry. Over time, the carpet beetle infestation will gradually be eliminated and your home will once again be a carpet beetle free zone.

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