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Ants create major damages in the area. In fact, that the total damage worth could be around $750 million, which is a good reason to think about how to Eradicate Ants In House. Also, around $5 billion dollars are used for various medical treatments which are caused when ants, especially attack the residents staying in various parts of Australia.

The most common reaction that you would undertake when you see ants in your home would be to call a pest control company. However before you make the call, take a deep breath and reason out whether they are other options available to kill these pesky ants. These options would not only protect you from the ill effects of harmful effects of chemicals present in pesticides. But it would save you money which could be around $300.

What do the ants eat?

Most homeowners keep a Raid bottle nearby and use it when they see ants around or inside their homes. But this is not a suitable result. Here it is essential that you understand what the ants eat and how this can be used effectively to Eradicate Ants In House.

Most of us are under the false impression that ants eat anything and everything. But the fact is that adult ants eat only liquids and they cannot digest foods which are solid in nature. When the ant is in the larvae stage, it would eat both solid and liquid foods. Using this fact you can now plan a solution that would eradicate ants from your home. This magical ingredient is Borax, which is easily found in your home.

How do you use Borax to Eradicate Ants In House?

Borax, when mixed with water and sugar, can be converted into a deadly solution which would kill ants permanently. The main ingredients needed are six teaspoons of sugar and Borax powder. Warm water one and a half cup. Few balls of cotton balls.

Simple steps to create the mixture:

In a medium-sized cup, take the specified proportions of borax and sugar and mix them well.
Now the mixture is added to warm water and consistently mixed until borax has been dissolved completely.

Now pour the mixture into a clean jar and seal it for future use.

Use a small bowl and fill it with a little portion of the borax-sugar-water solution. Use the cotton balls and apply them liberally in the ants infested areas. This could be over glass-jar lids containing food (here the lids would need to be tightly closed) and also in the area near the kitchen ledge.

Once the hard work is over, you can rest and enjoy watching the ants feast on their deadly treat. After a few minutes, the ants would start feeling the impact of the powerful but natural borax powder and would slowly die. Some of them would carry back the extracts of the solution to their nest and this would kill other ants as well.

You could make this DIY solution more effective by pouring them into a bottle that has a spraying nozzle and then sprays the solution easily over ant-infested areas.

Using this simple remedy you can effectively Eradicate Ants In House permanently.

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