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While not all chemical pesticides are toxic to humans, many have extremely detrimental effects on other animal populations which, if used without cautiousness, can wreak havoc on an ecosystem. Although there are hundreds of safeguards built into the EPA for monitoring safety, toxicity, and usage of registered pest control chemicals, the continual and unrelenting use of these chemicals in and around our homes, businesses, and recreational areas still occurs. How can you preserve the health of our environment, but still hold pests at bay?

Using organic pest control for carpenter ant infestations:

Cultural Pest Control

There isn't anything difficult about cultural pest control. Pests are naturally attracted to dirt, crumbs, and leftovers from meals that have not been stored away properly. While we consider most of these things to be less than desirable, carpenter ants and other pests consider these things to be food.

There is little more to cultural pest control than simply changing the culture of your home environment to be optimized for cleanliness, rather than for insects and pests? Search on cultural pest control for more information on how to make sure your home is not attracting pests in ways you can easily control.

Water damaged wood, cracks and breaches in your foundation, or faulty roofing increases the likelihood of your having a difficult pest control problem on your hands. A marks pest control liverpool service may treat your property once a month or more, but if the structural members of your building are damaged, your pest control program won't be anywhere near as effective as it should be.

Have a licensed contractor inspect your home for structural breaks and water damage. All insects and most pests in general are highly attracted to damp, dark areas of your property with little or no human presence. The roof, crawlspace, basement, windows and walls are included. A few more basic steps that may be taken to achieve the simplest, most effective form of pest control follow.

Steps to Achieve Effective Organic Pest Control

Make sure all cracks in the foundation of your home are caulked, tarred, or re-grouted as appropriate. All breaks in the siding of your house whether brick, PVC, wood, or otherwise, must be caulked and fully sealed so that no pests may enter the cracks, fissures, or voids that exist as large gateways for pests into your home: particularly in the colder seasons.

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