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Many people get a creepy-crawly feeling at the thought of a bed bug attack. The little blood sucking pests can be horrendous when they invade your home. Spending a night in a bed bug infested hotel bed can be nightmarish. They can make your life a total misery particularly because they become active at night when you need minimum disturbance. Control and management of these lousy pests is not easy especially if you do not know what has befallen you. So, what are the symptoms of bed bugs? These easy leads will help you to detect appearance of bed bugs in your house. Action must be taken at once to avoid their spread which will make management easier.

Signs of bed bugs – recognize them

Can you recognize a bed bug if you saw it somewhere? Bed bugs are small wingless insects. They have oval bodies which look flat. An adult bed bug measures around 0.2 of an inch. Most of them have brown color. Others look reddish. They move from place to another by hoping or moving very fast since they do not fly. A bed bug can go for days without feeding and still survive. In fact, researchers say they can live for up to a year without feeding. Female bed bugs lay eggs daily. Each day she lays one or two eggs. This explains why they increase rapidly. The eggs hatch after a few days and the young ones immediately start living on their own.

Another sign – bed bug bites!

As said earlier, bed bugs become active deep at night when they step out to suck human blood. A bed bug bite is rather frustrating. The bite results to reddish itchy spots and wheals on the skin. In more serious cases, the wheals can turn to blisters especially after lengthy scratching. The itchy spots may happen in various parts of the body since you can be attacked by many of them in one night. If you wake up in the morning and notice these symptoms, they could be signs of bed bugs invasion.

More signs of bed bugs – waste signs

Bed bug waste on your bedding is another symptom that all is not well. They leave black spots all over. These are easily visible on bright sheets and bed covers. You may be fortunate to see a dead bed bug. If you frequently check the corners of the bed and the seams and hems on the edges of your mattress, you may notice the insects. Once you disturb them, they move very fast and hide again somewhere else. If you are not keen, you may confuse them with small cockroaches.

When you experience irritating bites at night, rushed and wheals all over the body plus you notice most of the signs that have been mentioned here, you should easily tell that bed bugs have paid a visit. If you are unsure, ask a pest control sydney expert to confirm for you.

Treatment is by insecticides which must be used on all furniture, bedding and clothes. Carpets, sofa cushions and walls must also be treated.

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