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Few things exist in today's world that can turn you simply crazy as the crazy bugs (cucaracha in Spanish which means crazy bug). Despite numerous attempts to clean and spray the cabinets and baseboards, roach control stays a chronic headache for most of us; at best, they shall disappear for a short period of time. Thus, the best roach control measure is to make use of poisonous baits.

So set towards the local hardware store selling best roach gels. This is the easiest pest control method that can be applied towards the cockroaches. The gels need to be applied in and around all the cracks and/or crevices existing in your home. You may also apply boric acid in combination if you witness a heavy infestation.

But then again, if going the chemical way is not exactly your preference towards roach control, then you must set right the conditions that invite them in. That includes stopping the access of cockroaches to food (tightly sealed containers and refrigerators are the best in this aspect), wiping the counters, sweeping the floors and avoiding leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

The next step is to clean out the trashcans and throwing out all the garbage and leftovers every night and on a regular basis. If the cockroaches find their food outside, there shall be fewer chances of them invading your home. However, to reinforce your home further, you must also seal with caulk every crack in the walls and baseboards. A prior cleaning and vacuuming of the cracks is recommended. It shall be wise to apply a little boric acid in solid form beneath the caulk. For your doors and windows, weather-stripping shall prove an effective roach control method.

Some extra care is needed on your venture towards keeping your kitchen roach-free. Cockroaches usually inhabit under the sinks, so it's essential to clean and dry those portions. A similar approach is required for the clutter in your kitchen; if possible, throw them out to get rid of the hiding places for cockroaches. However, you must not use toxic sprays inside the kitchen; sticky traps are a good option and roach-pheromone traps are better. After you become sure that no more are left inside, sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on the places through which you think the cockroaches gain an access. Boric acid crystals shall also serve the same purpose and both together shall give you spectacular results.

For more info about how to get rid of cockroaches, get in touch with a professional Pest Control Canberra company.

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