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If a mosquito infestation is keeping you from enjoying your own backyard, your first step should be to call a Sydney pest control company to help you take care of the problem. While there are ways to help prevent mosquitoes from interrupting your backyard barbecue, there are other methods that an expert can use.

Signs of a Mosquito Infestation

Swarms surrounding standing water

Larvae in standing water

The biggest attraction for mosquitoes is water. If you have standing water of any type on your property, this is likely where the mosquitoes will breed. While they can be found in different habitats, ditches, pools, floodwater, and even puddles are the most likely sources of a sudden mosquito infestation. After the female mosquito lays her eggs on the surface of a body of water – large or small – they can soak up the water, which encourages their growth and development. Other mosquitoes may breed close to a body of water, but not necessarily on top of one. Regardless, standing water is the number one thing to get rid of when you’re trying to control your mosquito population.

Preventing Mosquitoes

You can help implement preventative measures by clearing standing water from your property. You may not be able to overturn every leaf every time it rains, but you can eliminate water sitting in appliances, lawn mowers, kiddies’ pools, gutters, trash bins, and gardening supplies. Other methods such as citronella oil, burning coils, spray-on repellents, and yellow lights, might help to temporarily take care of a smaller infestation.

The risks posed to small children and animals are numerous. Aside from being a nuisance while they buzz in your ear or bite you, mosquitoes are known for carrying many different diseases, from dengue or malaria to the more common West Nile Virus. Not only can they transmit diseases to humans, but animals can also receive mosquito bites that will infect them with diseases like heart worm, West Nile, and equine encephalitis.

Call a Pest Control Professional

At Pest Ban, we have years of experience dealing with mosquitoes, and know the best courses of action when it comes to prevent mosquito infestations them from your property. If you’re concerned about the transmission of diseases like West Nile Virus, malaria, or even Zika, your first call should be to a Sydney mosquito expert. After we determine the source of the infestation, we use the best and safest methods to eliminate them. Call us today for a free consultation.

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