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There are over 700 different types of Carpet Beetles, all over the world. Adults are round, covered with scales and live 2-4 years. Most resemble the look of ladybugs, they are half as small. Some carpet beetles species have a very important job and useful in helping with investigations of crimes and museums use them to clean something they want to preserve.

Then there are the ones that fly into your home during the summer months through an open window or door and eat everything. The female carpet beetles usually seek indoor to lay their eggs (50 to 100 at once); the good news is that they only lay eggs once a year. They don’t have a particular diet, but certainly have a preference to wool, silk, fur, feathers, hair, leather, drapery, carpet fibers and pollen.

Carpet Beetles – The Facts

There are a few precautions that you can do to prevent carpet beetle infestation in your home. It is an excellent idea to wash or dry clean any new clothes you bring into your house, especially any purchased from a second hand shop. Also, clean the clothing before you store them for season changes. Clothes that have sweat or food residue are sure to draw these pests in.

They are tiny and feed in the dark, so detecting their existing in your home may not be easy. Holes in your fabric are going to be your best indicator. Once you find they co-exist with you, the first thing to do is vacuum everything completely and thoroughly to kill them.

Carpet Beetles don’t survive in extreme cold or hot environments. One of the reasons to keep your precious furs in a cold vault (45 degrees or colder). Once they are identified, it is important to wash everything you can in hot, soapy water. For the most part a professional Brisbane pest control company is necessary to deal with these insects and get rid of them completely.

Personal chemical treatments you can purchase contain bendiocarbs and allethrins are effective to getting rid of these pests, but are extremely harsh to you. Also, because eggs are protected and not affected by chemicals when they hatch within 30 days or so they will live on. It is important to at least have two treatments and use enough chemicals to soak complete through the carpets otherwise the entire treatment will be ineffective.

An effective, natural and safe (for you) treatment for getting rid of Carpet Beetles is dusting boric acid it is known to kill most insects. The negative side effect of using boric acid is it might turn your fabrics white do to its known bleaching effect.

Carpet beetles treatment will get rid of those unwelcome house guests in no time at all.

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