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According to environmentalists and other lobby groups, termites are beneficial since that help in eliminating fallen trees and stumps. On the other hand, no one can deny that termites are destructive too. When they strike your home, they can cause massive damages especially if their effects are not controlled. As a result, it is of essence to be knowledgeable of some of the most effective natural termite control measures.

How can you tell that your home is infested with termites?

Telling if our homes are infested can be a tricky affair. This is because most termite challenges are noticed when the problem is in its advanced stages. Before, you can even try to establish if there are termites in your home, you should understand that there are two major groups of termites – the subterranean and wood termites.

Subterranean termites are found underground and they live in colonies. On the other hand, wood termites live on wood and they attack wooden items such as furniture.

Can termites be controlled naturally?

Millions of people ask themselves this question. The truth is that termites can be controlled naturally. In fact, natural termite control in one of the most effective measures. The following are the some effective ways to get rid of termites and that can be used to control the nuisance.

1. Use of traps

Traps such as the cardboard traps are one of the natural methods of termite control. The traps contain compounds that attract termites. When termites smell the compounds they will find their ways into the traps. The most commonly used compound is cellulose. When you decide to use this control option, ensure that you used the correct procedure. Spray the cardboard with water since water will make the smell more powerful. It is also essential to position the device in the area that has been infested with termites. Termites will be attracted and trapped in the cardboard and once that has been achieved, the cardboard should be disposed by burning.

2. Use of sunlight

Exposing the infested area to sunlight is also helpful. According to termite experts, termites are sensitive to light. They die if out to sunlight. In this regard, you should remove any cover and vegetation that may shield the termite infested area from sunlight. This control option is ideal for control of subterranean termites. For good results, expose the area by digging up the soil. For the case of wood termites, expose the infested furniture to sunlight or heat too.

3. Elimination of moisture

Termites thrive well in moist places. Moisture softens the materials that they feed on thus easing their multiplication. As a result, it is essential to position your furniture in areas that are free from moisture. If your roof is leaking, ensure that you seal the leakages are water promotes the development of dumb conditions. Another key area that should be inspected is the area around your house. If there are leaking pipes, ensure that you repair or replace it completely. Dump conditions will not only aid in the elimination of termite infestation, the removal of moisture is vital in prolonging the lifespan of structures and furniture. Don’t also forget that dumb conditions may form good conditions for the development of diseases. Therefore, you can see to it that moist conditions can be disastrous.

4. Use of biological control measures

The use of nematodes is considered an effective biological termite control measure. It is ideal for use on all species of termites. Nematodes feed on termites and once they are introduced in an area, the pests will be consumed. One of the factors that promote the use of this treatment option is that it is affordable and stress free. You can obtain nematodes from various online stores and even local stores around your area. One thing to note is that the option should be used regularly.


Natural termite control is recommended for anybody who is battling with termites. The control option assures effectiveness and above all it is the safest measure. Unlike the use of harmful chemicals, it should be remembered that natural options can be administered without the need to consult Melbourne Pest Control professionals. All a person need to do is to follow the guidelines and procedures that have been proposed. Once that is in place, the user should be ready to stay termite free.

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