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The key to a hassle-free move is a professional moving company. Professional Adelaide Removalists provide a series of moving tips. These moving tips are helpful suggestions and useful ideas to assist you in organizing and planning your upcoming move.


Investigate - Start explores moving company options. Do not rely just on a quotation over the phone; request an on-site estimation if you have mainly large or weighty items or if you have a big move, usually 4 bedrooms or more.

Sort and clean unnecessary things - The more things you can give away, donate or put up for sale the lighter your load will be-saving you packing time, loading time and in the end –money!

Get in touch with utilities and services - Make a record of all the utilities you’ll require to contact to either cancel or have transfer to your new house and the date you will require them transfer by. Check off each service as you make planning.

Separate your precious – Make sure to separate precious and/or unique things like vital paperwork/credentials, ornaments, photos or any other things you’d feel more relaxed transporting in your individual vehicle.

Plan ahead about recommendation medications - Make sure you’ll have sufficient or have called in a restock while you are in the procedure of moving pharmacies.

Manage school records - Go to your kids’ school and manage for their records to be transferred to their new school area.


Choose your local mover and confirm the preparations - make contact with a local home removals Adelaide company and get a written proof of your moving date, price, right address both starting and last destination. Make certain to speak out, in writing any things valued over $100 per pound, such as a PC or flat screen TV.

Make a moving file - Use this file to keep record of everything-all your receipts, your estimates, and a list of all objects you are moving.

Order Packing materials -
order boxes and other packing materials such as tape, bubble wraps and permanent markers. Don’t forget about to order specialty containers, such as plates, television or wardrobe containers or boxes.

Stock up on packing materials - Bring together newspapers, bubble wrap, packing foam, tape, plastic totes-everything and anything you can collect (in front of time) will help.

Take dimensions - Make sure room size at your new house, if possible, and make certain larger pieces of furnishings will fit. Also find out the best door to bring things throughout.

Organize to be off work on moving day - tell your company that you plan to manage the move and for that reason require the day off.

Visit your nearby post office - also in person or online and complete a change of address form.

Make supplies for your pets - If you have pets, make plans well earlier of where you can stay them throughout the move - and what means of move you will use to get them carefully to your new house.

Forward health check records -
organize for your health check records to be sent to your new healthcare supplier, as well as copies to maintain for yourself.


Contact your selected moving company - Reconfirm moving time and date, also confirm the pickup and delivery addresses.

Tune up - Take your vehicle to a garage and ask mechanic to advise what services might be required if your moving a lengthy distance, especially if the weather or altitude of your place be different from the one which you are moving starting.

Stock up prescriptions -
Stock up on medicines so that you will not run out throughout the time you are in midpoint.

Divide valuables - Add things such as jewels and vital paperwork to the box of objects that you will be individually transporting. Keep your moving estimation in a place that is with no trouble nearby for position on moving day.

Clear out your cashbox - If you will be shifting banks, keep in mind to take away the things from your cash box and put them in a safe place that you will be individually moving as well.

Update your address with any main entities – Contact your insurance supplier, bank, Credit Card Corporation, medicinal providers, mobile phone supplier, magazine or paper subscriptions or any other financial records who may be transport vital or time sensitive objects through the postal service.

Use it or lose it - Start using up stuff that you don’t want to move, like cold or unpreserved foods and cleaning materials.


Pack your bags - plan to end your common packing not many days earlier than your moving day. Then pack luggage for everybody in the children with sufficient clothes to get by until you can get your new area.

Double check and confirm the details – Re-confirm the moving companies coming time and additional details and make certain you have written down or on paper the exact information to the address of your last destination to provide the driver. Drivers should have a GPS system but this will assure accuracy. Also provide the driver with a contact number in case of emergency or for questions during the move:

Plan for fee - If you haven’t already agreed to pay your movers with a credit card, get a money order, cash, or cashier’s cheque for fee and tip. If the employees have done a great job, 10 percent of the whole move is a fine tip. If the move was particularly hard, you might tip each transporter up to $100. Don’t disregard food and drinks are always valued!

Begin the packing procedure early - The before you start the packing process the more planned and hassle-free you’ll be. Begin by packing things that are going to storage or are used most rarely. While packing note on things that may need an extra amount of insurance from the city name Removalists.


Defreeze the freezer- If your refrigerator is transporting with you, make certain to empty, clean and unfreeze at least 24 hrs ahead of the move.

Label all moving boxes and containers - visibly tag and number each box with its stuffing and which area it belongs in. This will save both you and the movers’ lots of time. This will also help you to keep record of your possessions when you want to get back something before you are completely unpacked.

Take record - Before the movers go double check and mark the record list and keep a photocopy for you in case there is a difference as to whether a thing was absent, or broken.

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