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Let's face it most of us take our chairs and sofas for granted. Whether bought after days of searching through furniture showrooms or on impulse from the local junk shop once home we just expect our furniture to be there for us. So we sprawl on our sofas, we read or watch television on our settees and we plump on our chairs as we eat. To our children the furniture is a wonderland of possibilities at one time a sailing ship or a castle, magically transforming into a secret den with rugs covering cushions piled on the floor.

Unfortunately this careless joy with which we use our seating does mean that after a while they start to look a little grubby. Stains from disregarded spills become more noticeable on the upholstery whilst dead skin and dust mites deposited deep within the cushions make us sneeze. Never fear, whilst some might decide this is the time to buy new furniture, for others it is time to call in the upholstery cleaners Melbourne.

At Squeaky Clean Sofa we understand all about upholstery and how to clean it. We know that even washable loose covers can come back from the wash a little worse for wear and that wherever possible cleaning should be done without disturbing or taking apart your furniture. Our cleaning team use the same knowledge and techniques gained from our wide house and carpet cleaning experience to help to restore your upholstery.

One of the prime techniques which we use is steam cleaning. This not only lifts stubborn dirt and stains it also kills bacteria and dust mites deep within the fabric of the seats. Regular steam cleaning will help to reduce allergic and asthmatic reactions, meaning those of a more sensitive nature can still enjoy the delights of sinking into a deep settee with piles of soft cushions around them.

The Squeaky Clean Sofa team won't just use steam cleaning in their fight against sofa aging. Sometimes a good vacuum or a gentle brushing is more appropriate to remove certain stains and dirt. We understand that grease should be scraped and blotted off and the best way to remove glue and gum. In our hands your stained sofa will once again look clean whilst your smelly and spotted dining chairs will not spoil the elegant meals you prepare.

We at upholstery cleaning Sydney won't promise miracles of restoration. Whilst we can clean and freshen we are not able to raise saggy un-sprung furniture from the grave. If your furniture is beyond help then the Interior Designers will help you to come up with a new look for your home.

Upholstery cleaning can be booked either as a regular contract or a one off by filling up contact form on our website. Regular cleaning will help to ensure continuing freshness and to prolong the life of your sofas and chairs. One off cleaning will help to spring clean your home or restore your office after the Christmas party. Upholstery cleaning will make your couch habitable once again and is especially useful after builders as it helps to remove fine dust.

Of course, it is no use having fresh futons if the carpets and curtains in your home are still in need of some TLC. Booking an upholstery, carpet and curtain clean will tackle ground in dirt throughout the house. Add in a full clean from Squeaky Clean Sofa and your whole home will feel refreshed.

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