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If you are looking for a great carpet cleaner, you probably are interested in the methods that they will use to clean your carpet. After all, the method is the most important thing for you to remember when selecting a great carpet cleaning company. There are so many great carpet cleaners out there, but Green Cleaners Team really does the best carpet cleaning job and it is largely due to their excellent and innovative carpet cleaning methods. The difference between Green Cleaners Team and other leading traditional carpet cleaners lies in the kind of water that is used for the cleaning process.

With Green Cleaners Team carbonated water is the key to creating the deepest clean possible and makes the world of difference in terms of the kind of quality clean carpet that you will get, especially when you think about the longevity of the cleanliness. You must always put this idea first and think about the kind of products that are being put in your home. After all, with the wrong kind of cleaner, you could end up with a home that you have an allergic reaction to due to the kinds of chemicals and soaps used in the cleaning process. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are some of the reasons that using the carbonated water system is the best choice for your home:

1. Uses less water: For those of us who are environmentally conscious, this is a particularly great selling point for the carbonated water system. Because the carbonation is so powerful, less water has to be used to create the kind of deep clean that takes a lot more water to achieve with a traditional system. This makes a huge difference in terms of overall effectiveness of the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane system.

2. Shorter Drying Time: Because the carbonated water system uses less water, the drying time for this kind of system is a lot shorter than with traditional cleaning systems. This is also a key for long term drying as well as allergy considerations. For example, if you are stuck dealing with a long drying time, this also means that mold and mildew spores get a lot of time to grow in your carpet. Your family also has a lot more of a chance of stepping on the newly cleaned carpet and leaving excess dirt on the carpet. A shorter drying time really does change the way that your carpets end up.

3. No chemicals: Most traditional steam cleaners require soapy chemicals to give your carpet a good clean. Not so with the carbonation system. The carbonated water is so powerfully applied that soapy chemicals are not necessary, which means your home will be free of chemicals! This is especially important for families with small children or pets who spend a lot of time on the floor, near the carpet. Not using soapy chemicals also means a longer clean, as the soapy residues often attract more dirt and grime, meaning you have to have your carpet cleaned more frequently. Carpet cleaning with carbonation is the best way to make sure your rugs stay clean for good!

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