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Your home’s air can be full of natural contaminants that aggravate allergies. From pet dander to pollen and pests, keeping these allergens under control is the key to better health for you and your family. Hiring Professional Cleaning Services in Melbourne to flush out air ducts and clean carpets or rugs can make a large difference in your health and comfort within the walls of your own home.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are the most common allergen found within the home, causing reactions in almost half of children who suffer from asthma. These microscopic organisms accumulate in humid, dusty areas of your home, so regular dusting and vacuuming are a must. If you have asthma, more severe dust mite allergies, or simply don’t have the time to maintain a dust-free home, a regular cleaning service can provide much-needed assistance.


Pollen enters your home through windows, vents, and doors. It may be tracked in on your clothing, shoes, or even your pet’s feet and fur. Once inside, pollen circulates throughout your home via your heating and cooling system, making it difficult for those with allergies to find relief indoors. Scheduling a professional cleaning of your air ducts once a year can prevent buildup and re circulation of pollen within your home.

Animal-Based Allergens

Pet dander is comprised of microscopic flakes of dead skin that are shed naturally. This common allergen accumulates in your home if you have a dog, cat, or other animal. Because dander is small and lightweight, it can circulate throughout your home like dust or pollen. Regular cleaning of your home, carpets, and forced air systems can prevent dander from becoming a problem for those with pet allergies.

Get rid of indoor allergens with a variety of home cleaning services from SK Cleaning Services of Melbourne. We have over many years of experience cleaning rugs, upholstery, air ducts, and more for healthier homes. Call us today at 0433790364 or 1300284115. Or check out our blog for more information about allergens and cleaning solutions and steps for preventing air pollution inside your homes steps for preventing air pollution inside your homes.

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