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Moving to a new address can really be so overwhelming because of the works that you need to do. Packing and unpacking jobs may really seem endless, making things even more off-putting.

When you decide to move, there are priceless items that you need to consider before you move to your new house. Here’s the top 10 essential items recommended by expert Removalists Adelaide before moving house will help you make your moving experience hassle-free and easier.

1. Cardboard/Packing Boxes

When you decide to move, you will need lots of carton boxes, where you will place all your valuable home items and appliances. These boxes will protect your furniture and large appliances when moving. Make sure that your boxes are hard-wearing and have the ability to manage loads of items. Always get solid and better quality carton packaging boxes, to prevent unwanted dents.

2. Packing Tapes or Masking Tapes

These can actually make or break your own move. You need to have rolls of packing tapes in order to properly seal carton boxes shut. Packing tapes are actually robust and are intended for moving job.

3. Packaging labels and Writing Markers

Before you move to your new house, you will need various labels both blank and pre printed in order to label all your items. You can use your writing markers to write down precise instructions to each of your moving boxes that will assist the movers on how to handle each box. You can also make these moving supplies to make valuable notes.

4. Bubble Wrap

This is one of the most significant and must-have items that you must have before moving. Bubble wraps will ensure that your delicate and fragile items are secured and protected during the entire process of moving. This is important to have a safe appliance moving.

5. Moving pads

Bruises and scratches are unavoidable when moving. If you want to ensure that your furniture will be free from scratch or any bruise, use moving pads that will also ensure that you’re valuable properties will be dent free.

6. Box Cutter

Box cutter or pen knife is a crucial moving supply that you can use before and after your move. These supplies are handy and will help you easily open those sealed boxes.

7. Furniture Slipcovers

These are well-built plastic covers that are used to wrap around patio sets, couches, beds or any other furniture that you want to keep clean during the moving process. These slipcovers will repel dust and dirt to make your furniture clean and dust free.

8. Moving Ties or Cable Ties

These are used to keep those pieces of furniture closed such as your drawers, cupboards and cabinets. You can also use them to hold refrigerators and pianos.

9. Unwanted Mattress, Blankets or Quilt

If you want to protect your furniture or appliances to be protected against scratch, moving blankets are also one of the best moving supplies that you need to utilize. These are thick and padded blankets, particularly designed for moving.

10. Unprinted Newspaper

This is ideal for wrapping up all your flimsy and fragile items such as glassware and plates in order to prevent such items from being broken during the moving process.

Before you enjoy your new environment, you need first to prepare these essential items. These things will help you make your moving process simpler.

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