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Cleaning ceramic tiles and slate:

When cleaning ceramic tiles and slate flooring, use warm water only. Prevention is absolutely essential with these floor surfaces. Regularly apply a superior quality sealant from a hardware store to the slate, tiles and especially the grout. Make sure you clean the stains immediately.

Cleaning the stains out of the grout can be a real pain and test your tolerance. The grout is highly porous and is tough to clean as the dirt gets under the surface. Most liquid cleaners will soak right through the grout. When cleaning tile floors first thorough spray a 1 to 1 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water directly onto the area you want to clean. Let it sit for 15 minutes and repeat. This will clean the grout, but do not use it on colour grout. Peroxide is bleach and even though it is harmless, it’s nonetheless bleach and it will remove the colour from the grout.

If the stain simply won’t disappear, wet some heavy duty cleaning paper towels in a pure peroxide solution, and lay the towel down over the stain. Over the towel is plastic wrap to prevent the hydrogen peroxide from drying out due to the ambiance before it can react with the surface. The towel will hold all the peroxide and liquefy the stains on the tiles and grout. If that doesn't solve your problems, the next step is a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. After the bubbles have subsided apply the mixture to the stain and let it set. Re spray the mixture with hydrogen peroxide as it dries out.

Another excellent tip is to use shaving cream sprayed onto old stains. It does an excellent job of removing them. If you have colour grout - test a small area first to make sure it doesn't fade the colour. Hardware stores carry cleaners that look like a stick of chalk, it’s utterly safe to employ on colour grout and will work speculate.

Cleaning marble tiles:

When Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne floors that are marble tiled, it is best to stay away from vinegar or any other acid based cleaners as the acid in the solution will eat away at the marble and reduce its shine. Acidic based cleaners cause damage to marble surfaces. The best way to clean marble floors is to use a mop and warm water, detergent and soaps are not recommended and prevention is the best cure.

One crisis with marble floors is walking on them with shoes. Costly marble floors can cost tens of thousands of dollars. After walking outside, pieces of loose rock get trapped under the rubber in the bottom of shoes. When walking on marble tiles with shoes, these pieces of rock and dirt and fall out, scratch and cause spoil to the tiles.

When cleaning marble floors, if you aren't using a unique cleaner designed for marble tiles - use warm water only. Dry thoroughly with a fluffy paper towel after finished.

Remember, to make sure that the stains, bacteria, mildew and mold do not come back wash the entire area down with a disinfectant as the junk trapped under grout is very unhygienic. Then reseal the grout to prevent anything from getting back under it so easily.

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