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Steam clean carpet is essential when you want to protect your expensive carpet from getting damaged due to the stains and dirt particles embedded deep inside the carpet padding which spoil its fiber and beauty. To steam clean carpet, you require a steam cleaner machine which uses very hot water combined with a cleaning solution to help release debris rooted in carpet’s padding and fiber. For this, you can either call up professional Carpet Cleaners Sunshine Coast or buy/rent a steam cleaner unit from supermarkets, hardware stores or vacuum shops. If you plan to do it yourself, below are a few easy steps to steam clean carpet:

1. Be sure of the way steam cleaning is done. Since, wrong equipment and procedure can spoil your carpet and damage its fibers. Also, you need to look for a cleaner which not only cleans all the dirt and stains but is also powerful enough to extract all the water and cleaning solutions, else, your carpet will not only cause mold to grow but will also catch dirt faster.

2. Pick the right time to steam clean, when your carpet would dry quickly. For instance, avoid humid days.

3. The first thing you need to do is, move all your furniture out of the room.

4. Now before you start to steam clean carpet, vacuum it to remove any dirt/dust or pet hair on the surface.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

5. Next, look for stains and heavily soiled areas on the carpet. Apply a pre-treatment spray on those areas and let it set for about 3 minutes you can make your own natural carpet deodorizer for prevention from harsh and unsafe chemicals.

6. Now detach the water tank from the steam cleaner machine and fill it with warm water in accordance with the amount mentioned in the user’s manual. Similarly, fill up the formula tank with the cleaning solution. Look up in the user’s manual for the correct amounts.

7. Now turn on the steam cleaner and wait for a minute to allow the water to properly heat-up. Most of the machines work in a way, that the steam cleaner’s handle is pressed which releases steam along with the cleaning solution. Divide the carpet in sections and work on them one by one. Push the cleaner backward and forward in small slow strokes over each section, to properly clean it. Don’t over wet the carpet. Next remove the residual water and cleaning solution from the carpet by moving it backward and forward on the same section by releasing the specific mechanism. Repeat the procedure until the entire room is cleaned.

8. Empty the dirty water collected in the water tank of the machine as soon as you’ve finished cleaning. As the water starts produce bad odor immediately. Look up the user’s manual for instructions on machine cleanup and storage.

9. Allow the carpet to completely dry to avoid mold buildup underneath the carpet padding. Switch on the fans and/or air conditioner to quickly dry the carpet. You may also switch on a dehumidifier if you have one.

10. Once the carpet is fully dry, you can move the furniture back in.

When you steam clean carpet, review your carpet’s warranty to ensure if your carpet doesn’t require a special treatment else the warranty is voided. Also if you move back the furniture before the carpet is fully dry, put it on pieces of foam, to avoid discoloring the wet carpet due to any stained wood furniture.

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