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Loan offer that does not comply with the conditions precedent.+27719247950 in south africa iran Greece, Greenland Bahrain,Iraq,Kuwait,Oman,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,UAE napel canada Afghanistan indonesia
I signed a compromise for a house for a total amount of 236000 euros with the notary fees.

When I approached the financial institution, the latter agreed to the loan provided that I also bought the credit in court on my apartment for 140000 euros. That is a total amount of 380000 euros. I was then told a rate at 1.8 and 25 years of duration. From this fact the compromise mentions in the suspensive conditions 236000 euros, 2% for the rate and 25 years of duration.

At a week's notice, the organization tells us a change in the offer, finally the edition of the offer is 380000 euros over 35 years at 2.35%.

Can I refuse the offer without having to pay 10%?

Or having had a credit back in court also puts me in default under conditions precedent.

Thank you

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