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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
Their name is immediately intriguing. For many people, it becomes even more so when attached to British Columbia native Spencer Krug. He is the genius behind Wolf Parade, a third of Swan Lake, part time member of Frog Eyes, and co-founder of Fifths of Seven.

Aside from the fact that basically everything he touches is gold, Sunset Rubdown is independently astounding. 2006's Shut Up I Am Dreaming had been their most impressive work to date, with intricate and unconventional orchestral prog-pop arrangements. The striking and sometimes surprising melodies of last year's Random Spirit Lover only improved upon their predecessor. In a recent interview with Exclaim! Magazine, Krug himself has acknowledged that this album works as a more cohesive whole.

Sunset Rubdown had always occupied the reserved parking in my CD player, but they have now secured a seat on my morning bus ride. They keep me awake better than a large Guatemalan blend, and provide a suitably epic soundtrack for the sunrise. How appropriate.
Winged Wicked Things from Random Spirit Lover



I've never heard of Sunset Rubdown they sound really good. I can definitely hear the Wolf Parade in there. I'm really glad that we're starting to get music reviews on here (with Videos!). Natalie, you're like the next Alan Cross.

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