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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
i am walking down commercial drive
you give the man sitting on the sidewalk and undetermined amount of change
you are clutching a shopping bag, empty, eagerly waiting to be filled
you shrug your shoulders...."you gotta get a job..." you suggest
"oh, thank you" he replies

i am riding the skytrain
its packed. im going home from school, work or whatever
you have a shaved head
the other guy, wears a longish black coat, black hair. he gets it cut at a salon.
"this is vancity mother fucker, just sit down. This is Vancity, mind your buisness. Dont talk to me. Faggot. This is vancity"
you punch him, hard. In the face.
he takes it without falling to ground.
unidentified women "Cmon, theres women on the train"
shaved head "Sorry ladies, sorry ladies, This faggot cant keep his mouth shut
the next station is....

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