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2008-11-15 16:31:26


Is it acceptable to make a selfish entry, all about things I love?

This: words, intimacy, the idea of love, physical&emotional exploration, desire, my scooby-doo mug, red lips, dinah washington, louis armstrong, billie holiday, chet baker, caramel sauce, ella fitz, phil collins, limerance, kisses, the idea of love, love itself, human understanding and connection, laughing, playing, music, films, time, memories, dried seaweed, tomorrow, honey, men, over the top romance, the feelings you get when first entering the chase, the chase, the wait, longing, aching, friendship, celtic music, tongues, smiles, lips, mouths in general, communicaton,clare bowditch, missy higgins, regina, temptation, being impressed by silly things, waking up, breathing, eye contact, awkward pauses, instant messaging, separating candy by color, cartoons, the smell of a lover, fear, excitement, coffee, my scent, new experience, pouring rain, mist, fog, vines, moss, candy corn, hot lips, day dreaming, chocolate, when my tummy flips about, dried fruit, patrick bateman, holden caulfield, stimulation, tingles, ' the dont-you-dare-fall-in-love-with-me care bear stare', tori amos, sam beam, leonard cohen, alexander delarge, regina spektor, lior, voices, declan galbraith, harry belafonte, anita o'day, the smell of laundry, reminders, chain thinking, anton chiguhr, movies, proof, the honesty of a child, renting movies, simplicity, complexity, contradiction and shared passion.

I could go on forever- I mustn't though.
Do you take the "A" train? A chain of rocks hangs around my neck, it's cold to the touch but I am comforted by it.



2008-11-16 21:52:36

I actually liked this, despite the self-expressive aspect. Much of it stood on its own, though, like, "simplicity, complexity, contradiction" (because simplicty and complexity contradct each is what it is good word), or "patrick bateman, holden caulfield", because my favorite book happens to be American Psycho (surprised? probably not), and its author, Bret Easton Ellis, especially in his first book, Less Than Zero, writes a lot like Dillinger in Catcher in the Rye.

Plus, I like Leonard Cohen, Harry Belafonte, and chain thinking. Anyway...



2008-11-17 00:01:40

As you can see, these are my favorite things, as well. I'm not surprised about your favorite book, no. But I am very surprised that you like Harry Belafonte. I'm an expressive person, that's something you'll have to overlook, I suppose.
It's funny that I'm such a sap of a person, I really am, yet each character that I am fond of is either a sociopath or someone very out of touch with his emotions.

I like this because everything on the list makes me smile. I like smiling.

I'm glad you liked this.

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