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2009-05-19 19:22:31


Do you think you have a good taste in women? I'm talking only about their physical appearance. Did you ever wonder: "Do I go for hot girls or just average looking girls?" Ever wondered how cute your girlfriend is compared to the rest of the world?

Here is a chart to help you judge your own taste in women. If you see yourself going for girls under 5.0 then you know there's something wrong with you (at least when compared with the rest of us males). But if you're going for higher, then you know that society, media and beauty advertisements have brainwashed you enough to recognize modern beauty.

1= Ugly 10= Gorgeous (like you needed me to point out the obvious)

Either way, you lose. So which would you like? An ugly chick or a shallow perception of the world? I'll give you the answer in the next paragraph but take a second to think about it.

Thought about it? Ready for the answer? SPOILER ALERT: Of course the answer lies in going for people around number 5. Then you can play on the fence. "Oh she's not that bad looking, she's alright" and yet you know you must see something in her personality as well. Besides, if tomorrow the world changed its mind (including Dove/Covergirl/Playboy/Maxim..etc.) and decided that ugly girls are now the new beautiful and the whole chart reversed... you'd still have an average girl and everything will stay o.k.

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