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MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
I don't want to disturb you. It isn't that you are all so quiet that I can hear a pin drop. From a mountaintop; perhaps I could hear it from there. But you all share and share, not quietly, but incessantly. You are discussing the varia; too many to count topics.

"I bought the cutest sweater for Jubbs";
"She was sick tight and so stacked";
"I wish you hadn't/I wish you were here"

So I will not disturb you all. I walk a path trod by many, but the dust on the pouch says that those many came this way for something else. The dust wafts off of the plastic as I undo the zippered lock; the dust finds its way back to all the books who are presently crying, jealous of digital media. The media is smug, and intend to connect to it, uncaring of the books' sorrow. It isn't my fault that I don't need them; they have their dust and now I have my headphones. As I cast aside the bag which sealed this digital highway away from the dust, I find someone sealed inside with them.

Plastic has no memory, but foam does!

The stem and cord of the set do not recall her, whoever she was, but the earpieces carry the fragrance of a woman's freshly washed hair. Shampoo is one of those unsuspectingly seductive intoxicants. It ranks up there with Laundry Detergent, Bar Soap, Fabric Softener and Under-arm Deodorant. These five smells do more to me than a bottle of CK-whatever-number-we're-on.

I slide the jack into my computer with a sensual brutality. It fits so snugly I giggle inside. I sit there and smile, and block out your dogs and conquests and tragedies, so that I do not disturb you while I listen to Britney Spears.

Later that evening I realize that I used to use my mother's "girly smelling" shampoo when I ran out. I wonder what the guy who used the headphones before me was listening too.


Reminded me of a Simpsons moment: Homer becomes a fortune cookie writer, and one of his gems is "You will be aroused by a shampoo commercial."

I always thought that was hilarious, considering those old "Herbal Essences" shampoo commercials where the woman practically has a orgasm while washing her hair, much to the emasculating chagrin of her husband, who responds to her "yes yes yes"s with his own "no no no." The ad ends with a punning reference to orgasm in its tag line: "A totally organic experience."

Anyway, that's what I just thought of. Not sure if the piece made me think of anything else...and not sure what it should have made me think of. But I do like the term "sensual brutality". Although, maybe I shouldn't, since I still remember your "thunderbolts of love" story from our creative writing class with Anne Stone. Remember that, "Jackson"? Have you burnt that story yet, like I suggested at the time?



"Thunderbolts of love" is a blatant misquote!

"The storm in him lashed out, sending mighty thunderbolts in all directions" is the line you are referencing.



My (slight) mistake. I was paraphrasing, just trying to point to the general idea. But point taken. Anyway, I still think it was a horrible piece. Send it to me, if you like. I wouldn't mind re-reading it. Maybe I'll be turned around on the matter...



Jackson, post that story on WordArc.. I'm now really interested to read it.

Thunderbolts of Love sounds like a glam-rock band.



Replying to Alamir:
Be careful what you wish for there Alamir...


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