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2009-02-04 01:45:52

Creative Writing

It’s been a long time since I really hated someone’s guts. I think the acceptable era of feeling this emotion is limited between the beginning of elementary school and the end of high school. The hate felt in these times is fleeting - but for a short period of time, you hate your enemy purely and wholly, and you use any excuse to turn all of your friends against the evil person. (“Ew, you like Vanessa? She smells like old baseball mitts filled with lasagna. And I think she takes oboe lessons! What a dork. I hate her.”)

I guess you’re socially allowed to hate during that phase of your life; you are legitimately immature and unaware how to channel your dislike for a person into a social tolerance of their annoying personality.

In the years that it was reasonable for me to “hate” my peers, I think I loathed about three people from kindergarten to grade twelve. The first person I despised turned out to be my best friend, Haley. I have diary entries detailing my disdain for her - complete with the word “bitch,” which I probably thought I’d get in trouble using even though it was written in my private journal. I was that much of a goodie-goodie. We became friends in grade five when Haley spontaneously flipped up the skirt of my other best friend, Julie, while simultaneously yelling “FRIDAY FLIP UP DAY!” Julie lost it and shoved Haley down onto the field, subsequently smashing Haley’s head on a rock. Haley’s reaction was to laugh hysterically, and it was then that I realized we should probably become BFF. (Thank God I made that decision).

The second person I hated was this girl I desperately wanted to be friends with. She was super cool but extremely insecure, so ultimately all of her friendships ended in a blow-out fight leading her to surf the school’s populace trying to seduce new prey into her fickle friendship trap. At first though, she seemed appealing. For unknown reasons, we had an unspoken rivalry. We literally kicked each other in the shins at recess and yelled mean things at each other. Still, I couldn’t tolerate the idea of being disliked by someone who was apparently “cool”. So, naturally, I went to my mum for some advice. She was hanging up some laundry when I told her the situation. In the truest motherly fashion, she told me simply: kill with kindness. Her suggestion was for me to share my snack with the devil. So, next day, armed with Gobstoppers, I approached the beast, held out an orange sphere and, with a single gesture, buried the hatchet. The Gobstopper was like a pill - immediately, we became friendly. It was that easy.

The next person I hated was different, because in the end, I realized that I didn’t want to hand over a metaphorical Gobstopper. I understood that I authentically disliked everything she stood for, and so I stopped being friends with her altogether. I put the candy in my pocket and kept it all to myself. And luckily, thanks to my impeccable choice in friends, I haven’t needed to bust it out since.



2009-02-04 22:53:40

It's been so long since I've actually hated a person. I just get annoyed with them. Now I mostly hate people in power or people who kill others needlessly. I think that once a child realizes that there are truly terrible people in the world who can abuse the power they hold then all the other children around them become harmless peers.



2009-02-05 14:40:57

I think this is also a very Canadian thing. I find it's socially unacceptable to be too emotional here.



2009-02-06 04:50:34

This style flowed nicely.

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