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Do you have an innovative idea for mobile apps builder in mind? Are you looking to build an Angry bird game for iOS platform? Most of the business owners make some or the other mistake while developing a mobile app. Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid while building your next app:

Building for Multiple Platforms at once:

There are millions of apps on both Apple App Store and Google Play store. The mobile app development market is getting competitive day by day.

Start-ups make the mistake of spending a lot of money for developing the apps for multiple platforms. It can be a good idea to talk to mobile apps builder for iPhone and iPad. You can finalize the app on iOS and then make some iteration before porting it to Android. For example: Instragram had 30 million users on iOS already before it was launched for Android.

Having Bloated Features:

Once you’ve chosen your app store for launching your app, it is important to decide upon the features for the first version. The main aim of the first version of your app should be to see if the users are willing to adopt your app.

If you have an existing website for your business, you should not think of shrinking the online experience for mobile devices. Think of the user flow and interactions on the mobile and launch an app with just a core set of features. Do not make a hasty decision while opting for mobile app development as it can result in a buggy app with several issues.

User experience:

User experience plays a major role in the success of an app. Think from a user perspective and make sure that your app delivers a self-explanatory and intuitive. A poor user experience can drive away the users. The users would open your app once and if they do not discover the “wow” factor, they would never use it again. It is essential to get the design and user experience right before you launch your app.

Not including analytics:

When you develop your website, you would surely launch it with Google Analytics or any other tracking tool. So, why launch your app without any analytics?

Use some analytics services to make the data driven decisions on the UX design of the app. It’s important to measure the metrics right from the start.

Neglecting monetization:

Do not assume that if you build an app, the users will come and pay for it. Most of the top downloaded apps are free for the users. So, it is essential to think how you would monetize your app from the very beginning. Find out if your mobile app builder can help you with your app monetization.

Conduct some research about how other competitor apps make money and think of unique ways to monetize your app. In-app purchases or ads can be the best options to monetize your app. You can also talk to a few expert mobile app development professionals to know how to monetize your app.

Marketing after the launch of app:

App owners should think of marketing the app right from the idea conceptualization phase. Do not wait for the development and app submission to start your outreach.

Start as early as possible with your marketing tactics so that the users are aware of your app even before the app is launched. Send emails to the potential users, write press releases and create the buzz on social media platforms by including a few details about your app. Blogging can also help for marketing your app before it goes live.


Avoid making the above mentioned mistakes and you would be able to create an outstanding app that helps you reach the targeted users. You can get in touch with a few mobile app builder to know how you can reap the maximum benefits from your app. Know the timeline for app development and plan your marketing activities accordingly.


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